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The Runner Owner Philip Zetnick Passes Away Posted January 6, 2015
Philip Zetnick, 49, was born in Mattoon, IL. He moved to Texas with his family in 1972. He graduated James Martin High School in 1984 and worked at his parent's running store, The Runner, which opened in 1978. By 1989, he was working there full time eventually becoming owner of the store in 1999.

He is survived by his mother, Sally Zetnick; siblings, Bob Zetnick and his partner Kevin Davis, Donald J. Zetnick and his wife Becky, David Zetnick and Diana Smith. He is also survived by nieces, Megan Zetnick, Scherree Smith, Kayla Zetnick, Samantha Zetnick, Rachel Zetnick and Shelby Smith, and a nephew, Scott Smith and his ex-wife, Jessie Zetnick. His current Runner family of Larissa, Matt, E.J., Gracie, Danielle, Cal, Hannah, Angie, Logan, Alicia and Kelly also survive him as well as all the family of former Runner employees.